Damascus Hatchet & Axe

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Damascus Hatchet

We make Damascus steel axe and Damascus Hatchet and you can also order only Damascus axe blank and head and if you are looking for Damascus steel hatchet and tomahawk and you come on prefect online store. We make Damascus steel axe and hatchet hand forged masterpiece and cautiously with great detail and ideal for gift to those who love Damascus steel Hatchet and axe.

Damascus Steel Axe

All axe and hatchet are made with 1095 and 15N20 Damascus steel fold number of time during forged process to create the detailed designs in the axe steel. Handles of these axe and Damascus Hatchet is made from high quality Rosewood and also there is leather shealth on handle for better grip you can also order Custom made Damascus axe. And if you want to purchase online amascus steel axe head you can also scroll down and buy.

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