Damascus Hatchet

We make Damascus steel axe and Damascus Hatchet and you can also order only Damascus axe blank and head and if you are looking for Damascus steel hatchet and tomahawk and you come on prefect online store. We make Damascus steel axe and hatchet hand forged masterpiece and cautiously with great detail and ideal for gift to those who love Damascus steel Hatchet and axe.

Damascus Steel Axe

All axe and hatchet are made with 1095 and 15N20 Damascus steel fold number of time during forged process to create the detailed designs in the axe steel. Handles of these axe and Damascus Hatchet is made from high quality Rosewood and also there is leather shealth on handle for better grip you can also order Custom made Damascus axe. And if you want to purchase online amascus steel axe head you can also scroll down and buy.

Damascus Dagger Knife Custom Handmade Damascus Steel, Double Edge Hunting Knife With Corain Handle Leather Sheaths 3188
Special Damascus Dagger Knife …

Custom 100% Handmade & Forged Damascus Dagger Knife


Overall Length: 14.00″ INCHES
Blade Length: 9.00″ INCHES
Handle Length: 5.00″ INCHES
Handle: Beautiful Corain With Brass File-worked Handle
Handmade Leather Sheath included

Shipping Services Used DHL Express Online Tracking number….

BLADE :This knives has Twist Pattern Damascus Steel Blades Having Sharp Edges for Cutting…
The Blade is Made By 1095/15N20 Hand forged to Beautiful Pattern.
Damascus Steel of this Knife has High Quality Contents to Give an Excellent Edge and Sharp Cutting Abilities. Hardness of the blade of this Knife is HRC 58-60 Sharpened to a Sharp Edge.

Quality :This Damascus Dagger Knife is Brand new, hand crafted by the team of Damascus Knives Shop (Pakistan). The attention to details is out of this world. This Dagger Knife is well balanced and has an excellent grip, creating a natural weight and feel when held. What makes Damascus Knives Shop unique is that no two pieces are alike; each knife is carefully designed, carved, and hand made into a breath taking work of art.

CARE OF DAMASCUS KNIFE : Damascus steel as well as 1095 high carbon steel knives are different than some other common steel knives, because of its high carbon content they can be rusted if not care properly. If you have seen rust accidental then use WD40 to remove it.Never store your knife for long time in leather sheath. Leather can absorb water which will rust the knife. Always clean the blade after using and apply oil or wax (please use cooking oil on Chef Knife) before you store it, for its longer life and durability.

BUYING: You must be sure and certify that you are 18+ of age and you are able to legally purchase and own an item and will use it responsibly…

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All our Damascus steel swords are built with hands and made for those who are passionate about Damascus steel we also deal in wholesale sword and Damascus steel samurai swords.

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